Movers360 offers you security for all types of goods and merchandise that are transported on land, by sea and by air to and from any part of the world.

As is well known in all cases of moving goods, there is always a damage risk due to loss, destruction, theft, immersion, collision, overturning and other types of damage that can be foreseeable with an insurance coverage.

In recent years, insurance coverage has become a prerequisite for carrying out a transportation and from an additional service it became an integral part of the transport.

Despite the wrong impression that insurance increases transport costs, in reality the cost of insurance is negligible, compared with the provided coverage.

Our company believes that insurance coverage gives credibility to transportation and in case of damage it ensures an easy compensation without problems and delays.

Easily and at low cost we can also take care of your own insurance contract by using trusted insurance companies that guarantee to provide insurance coverage for any type of freight.

Transport insurance covers the risks that may arise during a freight transport and relieves the entrepreneur / individual from anxiety about a possible damage on the road.

Whether it is a transportation within Greece or abroad, via any mode of transportation, never neglect the transport insurance that, at a minimal cost, secures your goods whatever their value.

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In transport insurance, there are the following basic Insurance Clauses covering your merchandise:

Clause C:Covered damages due to collision, overturn, fire, explosion, immersion, running aground of the ship, cargo discharged in the sea

Clause Α: All transport hazards are covered except those expressly excluded in the contract. The main exceptions in the contract are deception of the insured, normal wear and tear of the goods, defective, war, terrorist actions, delays, etc.

The premium offered by our company for TOTAL LOSS (Clause C) amounts to 1,5 % of the insured value with a minimum charge of 50 Euros.

To cover ALL RISKS (Clause Α)

The premium offered by our company amounts to 2,5 % of the insured value with a minimum charge of 50 Euros.

This specific coverage can only apply in the case of Door-to-Door transport.

We would like also to inform you that through this basic coverage, damages to electronic-electrical items are not covered if they are not visible damages.