Logistics transportation & distribution of goods

Movers360 provides certified and secure warehousing of your goods and household effects in specially guarded areas. It can accommodate, as per customer needs, any type of freight either for a short-term or long-term storage period. We provide specially designed storage containers that are sealed with the physical presence of the customer and are not opened until the delivery.

For transportation and distribution, our company cooperates with certified companies that offer warehousing services and are equipped with modern means such as electric ramps and mechanical means, enabling the correct and safe loading and unloading. The reason is that in recent years the companies have become more aware that the effectiveness of their business depends heavily on the cooperation and coordination both with their suppliers and their customers. The role of the coordinator is played by the logistics.

Our company undertakes the daily distribution of goods throughout the Prefecture of Attica. We own a fleet of modern trucks in order to meet all our customer’s needs. We also have a special place to concentrate the goods and then distribute them anywhere in Greece via collaborating transport agencies.