Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the weight-to-volume ratio?
In case of road transport 1 cubic meter corresponds to 333 kilos, i.e. 1:3 In case of maritime transport 1 cubic meter corresponds to 1 tonne, i.e. 1:1 In case of air transport 1 cubic meter corresponds to 167 kilos, i.e. 1:6
2Does Movers360 disconnect or install electrical appliances, such as washing machines, etc.?
Our packers are trained to disconnect all your electrical appliances and your luminaires. However, our technical teams are restricted by the law to install electrical appliances, luminaires such as electric stoves, light fixtures, etc. Washing machines, dishwashers, tumble driers, etc. can be installed providing that there are appropriate water, electricity and drainage supplies. If you happen to need an installation, then a technician visit can be arranged.
3During transport, where to stay?
Many people book a room at a hotel for a part of their relocation period, others for the entire packing duration and some prefer to stay at home until the day of loading. Of course, the latest is not recommended because the packing must be completed the day before loading due to the limited working hours at the customs offices of export. Movers360 will seek to make your relocation as smooth as possible. We can pack some parts of the furniture (such as bedrooms) at the end of the packing procedure, so you can enjoy the comfort of your bed until the last minute. These issues must be discussed before the packing starts, preferably during the assessment.
4What to do with the items I don’t want to pack and include in the freight?
If possible, you can place the items you don’t want to pack in a room. Otherwise, you can tag them with stickers to help our packers’ job. This method is important and facilitates the smoothness of packing with no delays. Our coordinator who will stand by you during your relocation will be glad to help you for this issue
5Which countries do you cover?
We cover all countries of the world for aviation and maritime transport. In case of road transportation, we cover Germany, Italy, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Malta, Ukraine, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, FYROM, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Iceland.
6Can you deliver my goods at home?
Of course! We can bring your goods to your door!
7Do you store?
Of course, you can store your goods in our Company’s warehouses.
8I am going to move and I have to leave the house, but I have not found a new one. Can you store my personal effects?
Yes, from a couple of days to as long as necessary.
9What to do with all the empty boxes and materials after the delivery at my new home?
Certainly, after completing the delivery of your household effects, there will be too many empty boxes and materials. Of course, we will remove all empty packing materials from your home on the same day. However, if you want to unpack some or all of the boxes yourself, you can contact our office and arrange for the boxes to be picked up and recycled. Please note, that it is a good idea to have a look at your original transport agreement as an extra charge may occur, especially abroad.
10What should I do if at the delivery time I notice damage to my household effects?
First, you have to notify the transport coordinator or the team manager who should log the damage. Then notify your transport consultant who will advise you on the appropriate actions you should take. If possible, take pictures of the damaged items as they will be requested by the insurance company. Do not dispose of the damaged items until the insurance company has properly informed you.
We have an answer and a solution to all your questions, queries and concerns. All you have to do is contact us and be sure that we will do everything we can to provide the best quality and price.